The vision of Gospel Church München e.V. is based on the Apostles’ Creed. The following FIVE POINTS give you an impression of what we consider especially important.

Gospel (“Good News!”)

“Gospel” (literally: “Good News!”) is the central message of the Christian faith: We are all far from perfect and have more sin in our lives than we could ever imagine. However, the “Good News” is that we can be more loved and accepted by God than we ever imagined because Jesus Christ died for our sins and was resurrected.

In short: God’s grace is greater than our worst sins!

Life with God

God created us to live with Him and for Him. The “Good News” is that Jesus Christ not only draws us into a relationship with God, but also enables us to live joyfully with God in everyday life. As the grace of God works in our lives, we experience more and more deliverance from what cripples us, and broken relationships are healed and renewed!

In short: Those who live with God live a liberated and meaningful life.

Authentic Community

Since Jesus Christ loved us first, we can live with one another in relationships characterized by respect, love, and a willingness to help and forgive one another.

In short: God’s love enables us to love one another


We want to share the Gospel (the “Good News”) in a relevant and contemporary way. Every aspect of our church (e.g. worship, music, preaching, home groups) is geared toward both people who are seeking God and people who are committed to living for God in their everyday lives.

In short: We want to share the Good News in a joyful and understandable way.

A Blessing for Munich

We want to promote the peace and welfare of the people of Munich through prayer and charity, through word and deed. At school, the university and work, as well as at home, we want to glorify God through integrity, honesty and good deeds. It is important for us to be a church for the people of Munich, cooperating with other churches and especially our daughter churches.

In short: We strive to be a blessing for Munich